Sun Lines By Sunshine K9s

Unique, Custom 1/4″ ROUND BioThane® Dog leashes and long lines

Custom Round Biothane Leashes


Due to supply chain issues, it has been very difficult to continue to produce the quality product we strive for.

Due to this, we will be closing our shop. We will continue to make Sun Lines until we run out of supplies.

PLEASE NOTE: If an option is not listed, it is no longer available.


Available in:

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customize and order

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to order your own Custom Sun Line Round BioThane Dog Leash and Line!


DECIDE ON WHAT LEngth you want:

Our Shopping Cart below separates the lines into three groups based on lengths:

1) Short Line: This is a short line, from 3′ – 8′ long.

2) Medium Line: These lines are from 9′ to 20′.

3) Long Line: These lines are from 21′ to 30′.

The length of the leash is measured in FEET and INCHES from the end of the snap where it attaches to the line to the end of the line, handle or stop.

round biothane leashes come in many colors

Choose from these available colors.*

From Left to Right:
Red, Neon Pink, Blaze Orange, Yellow,
Neon Green, Teal, Blue, Purple & Black

NOTE: If a color is not listed in the Shopping Cart, it is no longer available

3:  SNAP


Small Snaps

Best for small dogs where you want a light-weight snap, such as Shih Tzus, Yorkies, Coton de Tulears and Chihuahuas.
Choose from Solid Brass or Nickel Plated Brass
Length: 1.75" / Weight: 0.4 oz (about 2 Quarters)

Large Snaps*

Our Stainless Steel snaps have the largest eye for the thickest D or O-rings and can handle the toughest pullers such as Rotties, GSDs, Mastiffs and other strong breeds..
Choose from Solid Brass or Stainless Steel
BRASS: Length: 3" / Weight: 1.1 oz (about 5 Quarters)
SS: Length: 3.25" / Weight: 1.4 oz (about 6 Quarters & 1 Nickel)

Medium Snaps

Great all round snap for all dog sizes, even strong pullers.
Choose from Solid Brass or Nickel Plated Brass
Length: 2.5" / Weight: 0.9 oz (about 4 Quarters)

Trigger Snaps*

These trigger snaps are a great choice for people with large or arthritic hands, or if you just want an easier to use snap.
Nickel Plated Brass only
Small: Length: 1.875" / Weight: 0.8 oz
Medium: Length: 2.5" / Weight: 1.4 oz

* = Large Stainless Steel snaps and Trigger Snaps are an additional fee.

Bolt snaps are generally made in three metal types:



All lines come standard with an 8″ handle.

You can customize further by choosing a different option:

Round biothane leash with o-ring
round biothane long line with stop at end

Sun Lines Store

  • Click on the item below corresponding to the length of the line you want.
  • When the page opens, choose your color, snap & handle options and any other customization you want.
  • We will continue making lines until we run out of supplies.
  • If a particular color or snap is not listed, it is no longer available.