October 22, 2023


This fun event will feature 5 searches

You will arrive during your assigned time slot, run all searches back-to-back and then you can go!

Date & Time: 
Sunday, October 22, 2023
9:30am – ??

Sunshine K9s’ Sniffer School

Registration Fee:
$35 per dog

How does a Sniff-N-Go work?

  • Fill out and submit the registration form below
  • Dogs will be separated into 2 groups- those on Birch only and those on all 3 odors
  • All dogs in the Birch only group will run first. When they have finished, we will reset for the dogs on all 3 odors
    • If your dog knows all 3 odors but you want to run in the Birch only group, choose Birch Only in the Registration form
    • The number of hides may or may not vary between the two groups
  • Each dog that gets signed up will be assigned a time to arrive
    • I will do my best to accommodate your time slot preference
  • You wait in the parking area until someone comes to get you
  • You will then run all the searches set up for this event back-to-back
  • When you are done, you get back in your car and go home!

How long will the Sniff-N-Go run for?

  • What time we go to depends on how many dogs get registered
  • You do not have to wait to the end- you can go about your day after you run all your searches
What 5 searches will be offered at this Sniff-N-Go?
  1. Interior
  2. Exteriors
  3. Buried (sand and water)
  4. FastFinds
  5. Solo


How do I sign up?

  • Fill out the registration form below- one for each dog
  • Registrations will be filled based on first-come basis
  • Once your registration has been accepted, you’ll receive instructions on how to pay for the event

1) Dogs must be off pairing to participate
2) Hides will NOT be changed for additional dogs running in the same group.
3) Registration will close on Oct 15

Registration form:

Please complete this form to register for the Sniff-N-Go. 

Click on the “Register” button below to submit the form

You can then continue on to pay with PayPal or you can bring your payment to class.