nose work

Nose work is a sport for the pet dog based on genuine scent detection training. It’s a wonderful activity for dogs that need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, including those that have a hard time in environments or classes with other dogs. 

what is nose work?

a sport and and an incredibly fun activity

It’s a great activity for all dogs- from high drive dogs that need lots of mental exercise to newly adopted dogs as it helps them become more confident.

What are the benefits of Nose Work?


During a series of sessions, your dog will be taught to search for the 3 target odors used in many of the scent work venues- birch, anise and clove. Your dog will also be taught to search for Cypress, the 4th odor used in AKC trials in more advanced classes.

We will also learn other searching games such as Distance, Speed and Heap O' Hides which are used in other scent work venues.

Your dog will learn to search for these odors in 4 different search "elements" which constitute the 4 elements in an NACSW competition: container searches, interior room searches, exterior area searches and vehicle searches (exterior of the vehicles only- not inside).

How far you go with our classes is up to you- many of my students continue on to prepare for trials and more advanced work, but many just come because they and their dogs have so much fun in class.

What to expect?

What to bring to class


Dogs do not need to know any obedience commands, but should be comfortable on-leash.

Your dog must be current on their rabies vaccination.

Please let me know if your dog has a history of human aggression. Based on your specific dog’s situation, I can advise you if a class setting would be best for your dog.

Dogs must be able to handle being crated inside the building and/or inside a properly equipped vehicle (weather permitting). If keeping your dog in a vehicle is not possible due to the weather, the owner must be prepared and come equipped to crate the dog inside the building. Your dog’s safety comes first. Any questions regarding this policy please ask before signing up for these classes.



If you want to work on Trial Prep, brush up on a particular skill or just want to have some more nose work fun with your dog, sign up for our advanced level drop-in classes.

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It’s also a great for newly adopted dogs as it helps them become more confident in new environments. 

schedule & location

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